The basic strategy of playing blackjack is described in the table below, where on the left are the cells with the number of playing cards, and on the top are the cells with the dealer’s open cards. The intersection of these cells will tell you how to play the basic strategy of the game. These recommendations are presented in the table:

The basic blackjack strategy presented in the table is relevant for the American type of blackjack with 4, 6 or more decks of cards. The dealer plays up to 17 points and can only double the bet after splitting the hand.

With a score of 12-16 points, you can only draw an additional card if you have won a victory against the dealer’s card, starting from the “seven”. According to the basic blackjack strategy, the total score of 12 points is an exception, according to which you can draw an additional card against the dealer’s “two” or “three”.

The worst cards for the dealer are “five” and “six”. In this case, the chance that he will cross the threshold of 21 points is significantly increased. This situation plays into the hands of the player. It will allow him to double his bet to a soft 18. In blackjack strategy, a score of 18 is relatively high. Thus, drawing an additional card becomes a very dangerous step.

If the two cards turned out to be the same, it is impossible to divide the two tens. You can split only two “nines” and only against the dealer’s “seven”, “ten” and an ace. An exception is the European type of blackjack, where you can only draw an additional card when playing against a ten or an ace. Two “fours” are divided much less often, only on condition that the dealer has a “five” or “six”.

If there is an opportunity to surrender, it is necessary to do so when the total number of points is 16 and the game is played against the dealer’s nine, ten or ace. If the result is 15 points, you can surrender only during the game against the dealer’s “ten”.

The bet is most often doubled if the total number of hands is 10 or 11. In this case, it is recommended to double the bet by making an attack, until the game is played against the dealer’s “ten” and ace. If the number of hands is 9, you can double the bet if the game is played against the dealer’s “three”, “four”, “five” or “six”.

Blackjack basic strategy chart

Blackjack basic strategy chart

As you can see, the basic strategy is pretty simple. If you decide to play blackjack , follow these rules. You can open them both in your phone and print them on paper. To play a really good game, it is important to consider the set of rules for the particular type of game . However, their differences are not so dramatic. In order not to forget the rules, speak them out during the game, until the information is “embedded” in the memory. We advise beginners to gain experience in online casinos with the opportunity to play blackjack for free . Thus, you can test your abilities without risking anything.

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